STEP 1 – cleaning the machine

Clean washing machine detergent drawer from any residual build up

Carry out one EMPTY washing cycle to remove any detergent from drum, pipes etc

STEP 2 – preparing the fabric

Wash 4 Gowns or 12 bags (turn bags inside out to prevent a knot of ties – i learnt the hard way!)

Wash cycle to be 60+ degrees (45 minutes +) with 100ml of PPE Wash Direct

There is no requirement to dry the gowns/ bags when going on to Step 3

STEP 3 – proofing

Wash either 2 gowns or 6 bags on a quick cycle at about 40°C for about 45 minutes ish with 150ml of Cotton Proof

STEP 4 – drying

Dry gowns/ bags – a tumble dryer can be used on a medium ish heat.

STEP 5 – ironing and folding

Iron gown then fold as following:


At any time after the gown has dried – test for water resistance by dropping water on to the gown.  The water just beads on the surface.