Its not just our Frontline we are Protecting but our planet – and it is not just because our Scrub Gown is multiuse, its because the Nikwax waterproofing process we are using is KIND, really kind to our planet as well.

You may be interested to know… 🤨🤨🤨

That all Nikwax products are classified under what’s known as ‘GHS’ or ‘Globally Harmonised System’ for chemical classifications. Within the UK/EU we have a flavour of the law called ‘CLP’ which stands for Consumer Labelling and Packaging. It’s a way for manufacturers to calculate and declare the hazards that are associated with a product, based on the materials that go into it. These classifications can then be audited at any point by a ‘competent authority’, in our case in the UK, HSE. None of Nikwax’s product are classified as being toxic, or dangerous to aquatic environments, under GHS / CLP Legislation, and our classifications have passed scrutiny from HSE.

Initially, with regards to Cotton Proof and PPE Proof.Direct most of this product is exhausted onto the garments. Some of the product will make its way into the drain pipe, at low dilutions, and therefore enter the waste treatment plant. At the plant, the product is filtered out and ends up in sewage sludge. The sludge is then spread onto fields, where the active ingredient (silicone) will break down into silica (sand) and water under UV light from the sun.

PPE Wash.Direct and Tech Wash are both soap-based products – like all detergents within the EU, they are readily biodegradable. All Nikwax products are free from APEOs, and all of the surfactants are from natural sources.

So there you are!