Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the UK Government wants to make sure that PPE products are available to health and social
care workers (“healthcare workers”) as fast as possible. This has resulted in a number of individuals and organizations taking the
initiative to support the production of PPE with no previous experience in this field. BSI would like to help those initiatives with this
guide, which is designed to explain step-by-step how PPE should be produced and tested, and obtain appropriate certification,
to ensure it is safe and effective when being used in a health and social care environment.
If you are a school, university or other organization new to the manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you may find
this document of use.
There is some guidance that has already been issued by the UK Government that complements this guide. Copy and paste the links
below to access:
The manufacturing and supply of PPE equipment is covered by relevant Regulations and Standards. Whatever route is applicable,
it is the legal responsibility of anyone producing PPE to ensure that the PPE being made protects the healthcare worker and is fit for
purpose. It is incorrect to state that any PPE is better than no PPE. Ineffective PPE may give a false sense of protection and put the
wearer at greater risk.
BSI is making a number of relevant PPE product Standards freely available on the BSI website covering the full requirements for
PPE gloves, filtering masks, clothing and eye protection. Click on the link below to access them:

BSI Guide for personal protective equipment (PPE) products from non-PPE manufacturers